Russia Ukrain war a global issue as Putin trying to extinguish a culture: Biden

United States President Joe Biden on Tuesday came down heavily upon Russia at the start of the Quad Leaders’ Summit saying the Russia’s Ukraine war is not mere a European but “a global issue and Russia is trying to extinguish a culture hitting schools and museums.”
“This is more than just a European issue. It’s a global issue. The fact is that when you turn on the television and see what Russia’s doing now, it appears to me that Putin is trying to extinguish a culture. He’s not trying to hit military targets any more, he’s taking out every school, every culture, every natural history museum,” he said in his opening remarks at the Summit.
Biden also termed Russia’s invasion on Ukraine “a dark hour in our shared history.”
“At the same we are navigating a dark hour in our shared history. Russia’s brutal and unprovoked war against Ukraine has triggered a humanitarian catastrophe. And innocent civilians are put into the streets and millions of refugees are internally displaced as well as exiled,” he said.
Biden went on to say that “as long as Russia continues this war we are going to be partners and lead a global response.”
The US President spoke about the importance of the Quad in responding to Covid-19, partnering on 5G supply chains and launching the Quad fellowship program. However, much of his remarks focused on the war in Ukraine.
Biden said the participants were gathering at “this transformative moment in the world – we are at a transformative moment.”
He thanked Japan Prime Minister Kishida for hosting the summit and said it was good to see Prime Minister Modi in person and thanked him “for your continued commitment to making sure democracies deliver.”
He also joked with Prime Minister Albanese saying “If you fall asleep while you’re here, that’s okay,” noting that he had just been elected.

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