Man-Mission to Moon, Gaganyaan’s 1st Big Test Today

New Delhi: Riding on thehuge success of Chandrayaan-3,India is now taking baby stepstowards the ambitious
Gaganyaan mission. OnSaturday, Gaganyaan’s crewmodule escape system will be livetested from Sriharikota. This is
the first of the 20 big tests thatISRO has planned for the nearfuture. All in an effort to meetPrime Minister Narendra Modi’starget that ISRO sets up an IndianSpace Station to by 2035 andlaunch Indian astronaut to the
Moon by 2040.Dr Unnikrishnan Nair,Director, Vikram Sarabhai SpaceCenter, ISRO – a key player inIndia’s human space programsays, “Gaganyaan is challengingbut very doable as India has allthe necessary technology and Rs.
9,000 crore have already beensanctioned by the government”.Prime Minister NarendraModi has already announced thatNew Delhi will set up an IndianSpace Station by 2035 and sendan ‘Indian to Moon by 2040’. Nair
says, “Humans will inhabit themoon sooner than later and Indiaa country of 1.4 billion can’t beleft behind so ISRO is preparingto give India independent accessto space for its citizens on itsown steam”. PM Modi in astatement said “to realise thisVision, the Department of Spacewill develop a roadmap for Moonexploration. This will encompass
a series of Chandrayaanmissions, the development of aNext Generation Launch Vehicle(NGLV), construction of a newlaunch pad, setting up humancentricLaboratories andassociated technologies.”A crucial test of the Gaganyaan
mission will answer some crucialquestions. What happens to ourastronauts if things go wrong?Will the test capsule separatefrom the rocket? Will emergencyparachutes open, before the crewescape system lands in the IndianOcean? The Indian space agencywill conduct a crew escapesystem test – an important testto prove the safety of the rocket
before humans can be orbited.On the ambitious Gaganyaanprogram, ISRO hopes to launchan Indian astronaut into spacefrom Indian soil on an Indianrocket sometime after 2024. TheIndian crew module canaccommodate three astronautswho can then have a mission ofup to a week in a low earth orbit.The crew module is likely to be
tested on a new rocket initiallywithout housing any astronautsCommunication is the basis of development. LAccMI
scheme will connect everyone with development. Buses willcome near to house. Children will be connected with schoolsand colleges. Connect farmers with markets. Hospitalizationof patients will be facilitated. LAccMI scheme will bringhappiness to every home,” the Chief Minister said. He furthersaid that currently, for development of villages ‘Ama Odisha,Nabin Odisha’ scheme has been launched. Very soon thisscheme will be launched in Gajapati district, he added. “Underit city like facilities will be available in villages.In addition todevelopment of banking, internet and digital infrastructure itwill promote our culture,” he said. He expressed hope that
with the cooperation of all, this work will be completed ontime and the development of Gajapati will be even brighter.Participating in today’s programme Transport Minister TukuniSahu said that 4.5 crore people of Odisha are the family of theChief Minister. The Chief Minister is always thinking of theirwell being and betterment. New schemes are being introducedfor the betterment of the people of Odisha. She said thatLAccMI Bus scheme will transform the communication systemof the villages. Secretary to Chief Minister (5T) VK Pandianconducted the programme. On this occasion, Berhampur MPChandra Shekhar Sahu, MLA K Narayan Rao, Zilla Parishad
president G Tirupati Rao and Chairperson of the SpecialDevelopment Council Maryam Rayat among others highly
praised the Chief Minister’s strong leadership in thedevelopment in the state.

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