Onion Prices Surge to 50 in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: The price ofonions in Odisha hasskyrocketed, as the tomato cropfaces challenges, leaving
consumers grappling with theeffects of rising food costs.Onions have witnessed asignificant surge in prices,
reaching Rs 50 per kilogram inthe state’s Khurda market.Just two weeks ago, the priceof onions stood in the range ofRs 30 to Rs 35 per kilogram.However, the recent increase hascreated concerns for householdsalready struggling with the risingcost of living.This sudden surge in onionprices is primarily attributed toa reduction in onion production.To put the situation intoperspective, the cost of akilogram of onions has nowincreased by Rs 10, going fromRs 40 to 50.Local vendors and traders haveexpressed their concerns over theescalating prices of onions, citingchallenges in sourcing the essential vegetable due to the decreased yield. Thesituation becomes even more critical in light of the fact thatthe onion is a fundamental ingredient in Indian cooking, andits affordability is integral to the diets of millions. Residentsare now voicing their apprehension about managing theirhousehold budgets with these escalating food prices. On anational level, the main onion-producing state, Maharashtra,is witnessing asubstantial increase in onion prices. In thePimpalgaon market, the price of onions per quintal has surged
from Rs 2500 to Rs 5000 over the past month.

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