Odisha Sees Increase in Number of Voters

Bhubaneswar: The ChiefElectoral Officer (CEO) NikunjaKumar Dhal informed on Fridaythat there has been rise in thenumber of voters in Odisha.During a presser, Dhalinformed the number of voters inthe draft list increased from
3,23,52,119 to 3,26,55,213.While we added 6,22,429 votersin the draft list, as many as3,19,345 voters were deleted onvarious grounds, including death,change of address, and peoplewith multiple voter cards.He also added, that the genderratio of the electorate hasincreased in the state andcompared to a gender ratio of1000:961 earlier, now the genderratio in the state stands at1000:963.Considering the increase in thenumber of voters, the CEO alsoincreased the number of boothsfrom 37,606 to 37,809 across thestate.Dhal said that they will receivecomplaints regarding errors fromthe public between October 27and December 9 and the hearingof complaints will be held by
December 26.The CEO-Odisha will launcha voter card revision drive nextmonth and has urged people torectify the errors in their votercards online or offline during thisperiod.For the upcoming generalelections, EVMS and VVPAT’s
have already arrived In the firstphase, EVM, VVPAT verificationhas been completed in 10districts. In other 20 districts,EVM, VVPAT verification willbegin from November 1 and willbe completed by November 15.

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