Indian fruit trader from Punjab alleges he was abducted in Iran

New Delhi, June 12 : An Indian fruit trader from Punjab has alleged he was abducted in Iran, and was released only after he arranged to pay them a ransom of Rs 10 lakh. He has appealed to Prime Minister Modi for his repatriation to India, Puneet Singh Chandhok, President of the Indian World Forum, has said.

The Indian, Manjinder Singh Sidhu, said in a video, posted by Chandhok, that he had come from Qatar to Iran in March for business and was kidnapped in the Iranian city of Dalgaon. He said the kidnappers took away 3,000 euros that he had with him and threatened to kill him unless he paid them more money.

Though the kidnappers demanded Rs 20 lakhs, he got them to agree to Rs 10 lakhs, which was paid by his brother in Dubai to the agents of the kidnappers. After his release, he hitched rides and walked till he reached the Indian Embassy in Tehran and appealed to them for help.

He alleged non-cooperation by the Indian embassy in Tehran.

“Manjinder Singh Sidhu, Indian alleges abduction in Iran. Claims to have paid over 10 lakhs to the kidnappers. Received SOS request from him for assistance. He is currently in Tehran & seeking repatriation back home. Requesting @narendramodiji @MEAIndia to investigate & assist him,” Chandhok said in a tweet.

Chandhok has been very active in helping Afghan Hindus and Sikhs and Indians stranded in Afghanistan getting repatriated to India, and taking up their cause with the Indian government.

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