Gajapati : Sambar meat seized, 5 hunters detained Wild animal’s head and legs rescued from forest

Paralakhemundi : In Mahendra forest area of Gajapati district, a sambar and a pulse was raided by the forest department while distributing meat. 35 kilos of meat of both wildlife were seized and 5 hunters involved were detained. Two local guns used to hunt wildlife have been seized.

According to the detained 5 hunters, the heads, legs and some parts of the body of the wildlife have also been seized today. Released from the incident, 35 kg of meat of sambar and daliyodh wildlife was being distributed near a pond near Palasingh village of Mahendra Bananchal, after getting news from any sources, the forest department raided.

35 kg of wildlife meat was seized and 5 hunters involved in the incident were detained and investigated. In this investigation, from the data collected from 5 detained hunters, two local guns used to hunt in the remote forest of Mahendra forest were seized and 2 wildlife’s heads, legs and parts of the body were rescued from the forest.

Divisional Forest Officer Sangram Keshari Behera has said that it is expected that some more people are involved in the incident. Further investigations are underway into that.

5 victims who were detained in the incident were Girish Shabar (20), Baipali Maleshu (40), Sabar Chiranjibilu (28). Sabar Murali (20), Lachmaya Shabar. In this raid ACFO Gauri Prasad Rath, Forester Kameswar Rao, Guard Pushpalata Panda, Duryedhan Jena alongwith Police and forest workers participated.

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