Villagers United Where Admn Failed

Paralakhemundi : Gangabada panchayat still in figure of Gajapati district rolling with grave issues. May be with interstate entangled or area issues. Being dependable of Koinpur CHC & education, they wanted permanent road communication from Koinpur, but despite all attempts they failed. Even administration still seems lucrative to their pondering.

So better late than never with all equipments they started with their manual labour where more than one thousand labourers steering down for road construction in between Gangabada & Koinpur. Last Titli turmoiled whole communication.

So long 15 kms road construction they feel as need even if administration still loitering their grievances.Villagers from Gangabada, Laba,Sagadia, Badapachidia,Chamudia, Sandeula, Baddeula villages with Chitranga & Teraba of Koinpur joined hands on this work.

Retorted by ex-Sarpanch Haribandhu Kauchi,Hari Mandal,Mangala Bhuyan, Manoj Sabar,Biswanath Bhuyan of Gangabada retorted that if their demand of road construction not taken into action they will boycott coming PRI election. Where SDO of RD department,

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