Video Conference from CMO

Paralakhemundi : By the instructions of Chief Minister Navee Patnaik, presided by VKPandian Secretary of 5T organized a meeting through video conference,where BJD district leaders of Gajapati participated.

There it was declared for indoor stadium at Kashinagar block. Countering on such decision KNarayan Rao, MLA quipped that this was a ploy to demotivate people. Because he retorted that where there are opposition MLAs such flagship on declaration are false propogonda only rather without support of local MLA no progress can be done.

Yesterday at video conference Hall at Collectorate, by guidance of MP Chandrasekhar Sahu & some leaders were present, instead as MLA he was not invited as in BJP. Nor local elected representives of Kashinagar too invited.

Such trivial plan seems a crescendo to bifurcate as party gimmicks will never be successful. Moreso last 2 years a stadium declared but in vein. Now again such false statements not seems sound to avoid elected representatives.

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