Vansadhar Tribunal Stringent Woes at Odisha Basin

Paralakhemundi : Recent Judgement by Supreme Court on Vansadhara Project has given upper hand to AP(Andhra Pradesh).Accordingly 106 acres of land of Odisha part will be partained in favour of AP.

This judgement affected more cacophony for those domicile inhabitants of Odisha point villages, e.g, Palsing, Sara, Adarshanagar & Badigaon. As those villages belong to Odisha, those villagers have to lose their domicile areas for Neradi Project.

If those areas acquired by proposed project, then Odisha government has to pay ten times of cost per acre for those displaced families. Or else those villagers will never sacrifice their land,says Braja Das, advocate of Sara village.

He said almost 300 families will have to displace by Neradi proposed barrage construction.So damaged homesteds will never accept any compensations to sacrifice for construction. They must be priortized for their lives & livelihoods.

At head point near Gudari of Rayagada district, earlier Odisha government had a plan to construct barrage. But due to lack of clearance as destined under forest zone,work stopped.

GTirupati Rao, a veteran leader of Kashinagar retorted that,even if AP goes on barrage construction, on its domain by Odisha government, we can have such barrage which can assure water supply upto Paralakhemundi.

Last flash flood of 1980,destroyed more cultivable land due to change in movement of river Vansadhara.

Instead of gimmick on futile politics, priorities to stand at woes of those expected destruction of villages more will be affect on their livelihoods.Time & again their sufferings must be sorted out, retorted Rao.

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