Trump says ‘not too interested’ in getting back on Facebook

Washington : Former US President Donald Trump says he is not really interested in returning to Facebook if CEO Mark Zuckerberg eventually allows him back on the social media platform.

“We can’t let our country be run by that kind of human nature. Zuckerberg, that’s another beauty. But they say they may allow me back in two years. I’m not too interested in that,” Trump said on Saturday, speaking at the Republican Party convention in North Carolina.

Trump recalled that when he was president and Zuckerberg visited the White House with his wife, the Facebook CEO told him that he was “number one on Facebook.” However, Trump claimed that Zuckerberg’s attitude changed the day he left office.

“So unfair … they are shutting down an entire group of people … a much more powerful and much larger group,” Trump said on Saturday.

On Friday, Trump said that Facebook’s decision to ban him for two years from its social media platform was an insult to more than 75 million Americans who voted for him and the tech giant would not get away with acts of censoring and silencing.

Earlier on Friday, Facebook announced its decision to maintain the suspension of Trump’s account for two years due to what it said were “severe violations” of its community standards.

In January, the company’s Oversight Board blocked Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts after the events at the US Capitol.

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