Touching 90 old man walked 11 kms for Pension

Paralakhemundi : A curosity,indeed that seen at Rayagada block of Gajapati district,where an old man named Mandal Bhuyan,walked long 11kms for pension. Belongs to Gobindpur panchayat of Karadasing panchayat of Rayagada block is towards Jalanga panchayat office.

Due to hectic problem to stay at own Jalanga village, he shifted to Gobindpur since last 2 years.This too a regular routine on every month, despite his hue & cry to pay at his stationed residence turned heed by panchayat office staff.
Almost 9 decades passed,with a stick & a stitching Hawai sleepers for simple Rs 500 & 5 kgs rice paramounting him long exercise on his faded time.

He says, despite my appeal nobody at my sympathy, on a grief. Now on scorching heat he showed his poignant skill to walk even nobody dared to pick up him, more so lock down is a crusade.Locals demand his safety & security on his faded age to arrange at local resident at Karadasing panchayat office instead of sprinting him long 11 kms to & fro,regularly to Jalanga.

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