Successful Investigation of Paralakhemundi Police Ambika Murder Culprits Arrested

Paralakhemundi : A successful investigation to strangulate Ambica Sabar murder convicted by Paralakhemundi Model Station.On a press note IIC briefed regarding under current behind Ambika Sabar(35) daughter of Jambela Raika(58), who registered case 101 on 13.5.2021 at Paralakhemundi Model Police station to search out his daughter’s murder at Naraharipur farm house of Tirupati Panigrahi.

SP formed a team to start investigations. During investigation, main accused of the deceased was one Elias Mandal(26) from Kinteising village who fell in love with Ambika. From mobiles of accused & Ambika every thing found out on crime. Co- accused Elisaya Sabara(20) of Adhei village confessed to have murdered Ambika on interrogation. Both villages are under Serango PS. As per their confessed statement,on 12th May night at around 11pm, inside that farm house, both the culprits squeezed her neck & attacked by a cemented brick. Both are arrested & forwarded to court.

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