Strength of antibodies from Sputnik V COVID vaccine grows with time: Argentine Ministry

Buenos Aires : Argentine scientists have found that the neutralizing power of antibodies produced after inoculation with Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine only increases with time, the country’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation said.

The researchers analyzed the number of antibodies and their ability to neutralize coronavirus and its variants on 1,800 blood samples from people who had recovered from COVID-19 and those who had never been infected with it. Samples were taken, including 21, 42, 120 and 180 days after vaccination with the Russian medicine.

“Although there is concern worldwide that the number of antibodies generated after vaccination is decreasing with time, now, for the first time, an Argentine study shows an increase in their neutralizing power against coronavirus depending on when the vaccine was received,” the ministry said.

“The Argentine study confirms the increasing efficacy of neutralizing antibodies 6 months after the use of Sputnik V,” it said.