Seven dead, 13 injured after plane crash-lands in Russia’s Kemerovo region

Moscow : Seven people were killed while 13 others injured after a plane crash-landed in Russia’s Kemerovo Region, officials said on Saturday.

“The aircraft had 20 people on board, seven of them have died and 13 were injured,” Russian news agency Sputnik quoted an emergency services spokesperson as saying.

The condition of four is assessed as serious, another 11 as moderate, the region’s governor Sergey Tsivilyov said.

Meanwhile, the Siberian Aviation Search and Rescue Center told Sputnik that a rescue helicopter was dispatched to the accident spot.

The West Siberian transport prosecutor’s office told the news agency that the cause of the incident was engine failure.

“At 10.17 a.m. [03:17 GMT] the crew reported a failure of one of the engines and collided with a forest during landing,” the prosecutor’s office said.

It added that the application for the flight was submitted by the DOSAAF, Volunteer Society for Cooperation with the Army, Aviation, and Navy.

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