PM CARES, PSU funds to set up 1,500 Oxygen plants across the country: Anurag Thakur

Hamirpur : As many as 1,500 Oxygen generation plants would be set up in India through PM Cares and PSU funds to meet with the requirement of the Oxygen across the country in order to save the lives of people suffering from the COVID-19.

Stating this, Union Minister of state for Finance and Corporate Affairs Anurag Thakur on Wednesday night said that so far, 17 A755 Oxygen concentrators, 16031 Oxygen cylinders, 19 Oxygen production plants, 13 A449 ventilators, PPAs, 6.9 Lakhs of reducer supplements had been received from abroad and were being delivered in different places for the benefits of the people.

Mr Thakur said that in view of the usefulness of oxygen in this second wave of CORONA epidemic, the central government was providing oxygen on a war footing across the country thanks to the steps taken by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While claiming that work was underway to set up 1500 oxygen plants in the country with PM Cares and PSU funds, he announced that the Covid care centers would also be built near the oxygen plants so that the problem of oxygen could be sorted out permanently.

The Minister said that in order to reduce the time, the government was supplying oxygen through Air Force planes and Oxygen Express. For the last two weeks, oxygen has been supplied to the states as per the demand and it was wrong to say that the demand of some of the states was being ignored.

He claimed that the Modi government continued to act on war footing in this hour of disaster.

Mr Thakur said that the various Ministries/Departments of the Government of India collaborated uninterruptedly to rapidly distribute the assistance from the world community to the States and Union Territories through a facilitated and systematic mechanism.

From 27 April 2021 till date, a total of 17 A755 oxygen concentrators, 16031 oxygen cylinders, 19 oxygen production plants, 13 A449 ventilators, DTH PAPA, 6.9 million doses of Remedisvir have been distributed through road and airways, the minister said.

A continuous campaign of effective immediate allocation and systematic distribution to the recipient states / UTs and institutions was underway, said Thakur.

He said that the corona patients, especially in Hamirpur parliamentary constituency of Himachal Pradesh would continue to get oxygen as per their requirements and by setting up of an oxygen bank which will be able to supply 700 beds uninterrupted has been started soon by combining 300 oxygen concentrator A3 oxygen plants and 200 oxygen cylinders.

With the establishment of this oxygen bank, our fight against Corona will be strengthened, the minister said.

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