Misunderstandings over, Nepal & India should have ‘positive relationship’: Oli

New Delhi : Nepal and India should not stick to past misunderstandings, but move forward looking into the future, says prime minister of the Himalayan republic, KP Sharma Oli.

‘Yes, there were misunderstandings at one time, but now those misunderstandings are gone. We should not be stuck in past misunderstandings but move forward looking at the future,’ he said in an interview to BBC Hindi service that was also broadcast on the network’s Nepali service.

‘We have to pursue positive relationship,’ Oli said on the day he rejigged his cabinet.

He said that Nepal had a unique relationship with India, unlike with any other. ‘Neighbours share both love and problems. ‘Don’t people in Chile or Argentina have a problem?’ he argued, reports Khabarhub, a Kathmandu-based digital media service.

Oli said Nepal and India have open borders and India should pay special attention to help Nepal.

He said that India should help in a different way than other countries in controlling and ending the spread of Covid-19.

He also thanked India for providing the vaccine for the first time and other health supplies, but he rued that Nepal truly did not get as much help as it needed from India. There were high expectations from India.

‘I would like to make a request to Prime Minister Modi,’ he said. ‘In view of these times and our friendly relations, India should extend full cooperation to Nepal. That doesn’t mean I haven’t got help from India. At this time, Nepal needs vaccinations, for which Nepal will and is urging both its neighbours and all countries.’

Like India, Nepal has faced a second wave of the pandemic. Oli has faced criticism of his handling of the pandemic and for failing to take the virus seriously.

It was reported that he previously claimed that the virus could be washed away by gargling guava leaves and turmeric, and said Nepalis have stronger immune systems because of their diets.

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