Mega LI Point of No Use

Paralakhemundi: Mega lift point established at Kashinagar block of Gajapati district to enhance irrigation for those farmers. Impediment on more than 100 acres for irrigation channel but focus jinx onpreservation of water to restorefor lift irrigation.During this monsoon periodhardly 10? of rainfall seen whicha meagre point of view to cherishsupport for kharif paddy land.
Dependent on rainfall thos efarmers on crossed hand for better production. Souriguda village farmers of Singipu rpanchayat are worried, as they depend on mega project.Moreover catchment of wate rfor preservation failed as theproject not supposed on stringentmeasures to support on irrigationsupply for those agriculture field.Crunch of staff as the project is
under Rayagada district,so nodirect monitoring to revive theproject seen. Those Sourigudafarmers met with SarpanchTajeswar Rao of Singipurpanchayat to address their issues.
Moreover small & marginalfarmers are on crossed hand & aday dream for their yearly foodsecurity. On reply Sarpanchaggrieved to say,60? of land arefacing drought situation due to
least rainfall. Unless revival of  project not in action farmers will more suffer.While interacted with ZillaParishad President Gavra Tirupati Rao,who today on visit with Collector Gajapati Smrutiranjan Pradhan & supporting staff to those fields connected to mega project,said they are ready to spare pending electricity dues ifany rather need of fullpledged machinery parts to be activated& keep in contact with the authorities through district administration to make streamline of the project. He too felt shock on crunch of rainfall which definitely hang on balance
for those small farmers to assure years better returns on paddy production. District administration are on casualties to take up suchgrave issues to revive such rare project to support needy

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