Killing of Judge: CBI team again reaches accident spot, recreates accident scene once more

Dhanbad : The Central Bureau of Investigation which is probing the killing of Additional district and sessions judge Uttam Anand on Sunday once again reached the accident spot located near Randhir Verma Chowk and again recreated the crime scene.

On Sunday the team of the CBI also called up an autorickshaw and made a youth having similar physic as compared to the late judge undertake jogging on the same route to understand what may have happened during the day. During this entire exercise, there was no entry at the Randhir Verma Chowk.

On Saturday also the team of the CBI had recreated the crime scene. It has also taken on remand the two culprits who were driving the autorickshaw for questioning.

Following the recommendation of the Jharkhand Government the case was handed over to the CBI which has registered a fir in the case based on the statement given by the widow of the judge before Dhanbad Police on July 28. The team of the CBI also consists of experts in DNA profiling, fingerprints, forensic psychology etc.

Judge Uttam Anand was killed after an autorickshaw hit him on July 28 while he was going on morning walk.