Karnataka Minister warns pvt institutions against charging fees for online classes

Bengaluru : Karnataka Minister for Primary and Secondary Education S Suresh Kumar on Saturday warned the private institutions against stopping online classes to the students across the state over non-payment of fees.

In a statement here, he said that Apex court order is very clear in this regard. If any complaints are received for stopping the online class to students, the government will take legal actions. Parents can file complaints with him or concerned BEOs, actions will be initiated against such institutions who stop the online class.

The Minister also clarified that the Pre-University Education Department has already canceled the exams in the first year pre-university all students to pass next year and has made it clear that in the coming years, he will seek a formal process of assessing the continuity of his learning by ensuring that he does not have to take advantage of various benefits, including scholarships available from various departments, and enrolling in further classes.

He said that the Department’s circular for tests for the first year PU students is not necessary to physically attend college. Assignments can be delivered to the student via WhatsApp, email, and mail. Sample question papers are also available on the department’s web site. Links to the question paper have also been sent to the mobile number of students enrolled in the department’s database.

After preparing the answers to the assignment at home, the students can follow up with any form of postal, whatsapp, email etc.

The lecturers have been instructed to give minimum marks and to provide appropriate evaluation to the students who submitted the answer papers, which is essential for the future of the children.

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