JSSF Submitted Memorandum to Dist. admn on Population Control

Paralakhemundi : On behalf of JSSF(Jana Sankhya Samadhan Foundation) a memorandum addressed to Prime Minister submitted to district administration. On behalf of Collector, Sub Collector Sesadeb Mishra received the memorandum.
The committee placed various features of our development scenarios where India could emerge on education, health & science. That too on socio-economic field we are on distress.

During Independence our population was merely 36 crores. But now crossed a record of 140 crores.On every minute 40 babies are born. Coming to plain land area we obtained 24℅ for our livings. On every sq. Km. in world 411 persons are living. Area of China is 3 times more than our country, where 155 persons are living per sq. km. At America 37.71,Russia 2,Canada 3.92,Australlia 33,Germany 34,Pakistan 275 are on status reports.

On unemployment India is highest with 23℅, where at China 5.3℅, Australia 5.7℅, Pakistan 4.4℅, England 2.9℅.
So need of Ordinance Bill to be passed for the betterment of livelihood resource & good livings. Better per family 2 children can be better solution on all access & control of resources mobility, which they focussed in memorandum.
Led by President of JSSF, Prasant Kumar Palo, among others Jagannath Mahapatra, Pinniti Kranti, Yuvraj, GRaju, Santos Jena were present while submitted memorandum to Sub Collector.

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