India Most Important Country for US: Ambassador Eric Garcetti

New Delhi: India is the most important country for the US and their relationship is the most defining relationship of the  century, US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti said on Thursday.
Garcetti made the remarks at The Energy Transition Dialogues hosted by Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet ( GEAPP) in New Delhi. “I used to say it in private but
now I can say it in public, when the (US) President asked me consider this post (of Ambassador to India) he said India is the most important country in the world for me. I don’t know if any American president has ever said that… President Joe Biden he actually did mean it…” the Ambassador said. Garcetti further said he believes the US India-relationship is the
most defining relationship of this century. On the G20 summit organised under India’s presidency in September, he said it was the best ever in the history. “The relationship is not just US
plus India. It is an exponential relationship. Look at how we attended our best ever G20 in our history together. Of course led by India and thank you for your marvellous leadership,” Garcetti
said. Speaking on the business opportunities, he said there is lot of investment opportunities in the area of renewables in the Indian and the US markets. Companies from both sides can take benefits from opportunities in each other’s markets, he said. “When it comes to climate, we look for opportunities for Indian companies in the US and vice versa. India’s PLI provides tax
benefits to companies operating in solar manufacturing electrolysers. Investment need to flow more quickly from both
sides,” he noted.

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