Hard earning defy old age couple with skill

Paralakhemumdi : They are happy at faded ages, still have strength to cherish their business. Named Simadri Sahu(91) & Krishnaveni Sahu(88) at Palace street of Paralakhemumdi, still proved their self sufficiency.In a trolly their lives start with varieties of sweets which they are daily hand making since last 5 decades.In front of their home they go on selling those sweets.
On such relaxed old times usually depends on children but this couple proved themselves have upbeat skill instead of dependancy. Day starts to collect all ingredients materials at morning & immediately both strive on making varieties of sweets in firewood supported chullah.Their sweets are quite popular despite healthy competitions in sweet & snacks market.

Those close since years together have cordial eyes & affections to purchase from them. At car festival times, they usually make more sweet items.
They have 2 sons & 2 daughters & grand children too. All are cordials to them. One of their son is at Rayagada & very often asking them to stay with them.Just to keep his request they stayed for a while, but their own innovative skill bring them back to cherish with their own business.Even 2 daughters are staying at Palace street, they too request them to stay with them. But they are candid not to be overburdened to anybody,except go on their business.Couple says, “Till we are healthy with our momentum on our business we will not be dependent on anybody We are running our forefathers business centuries together & go on till our health permit”.

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