Gopal Rai inaugurates Delhi govt’s first Greenhouse

New Delhi : Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai on Friday inaugurated the city’s first Greenhouse at ITO Nursery to cultivate plants using modern techniques.

He inspected the ITO Nursery regarding the distribution system of plants and also distributed Medicinal plants.

Mr Rai said, ‘Today we have inaugurated Delhi’s first Greenhouse at Nursery, so that we can cultivate plants using modern techniques because many people are interested in protecting the environment and thus, they are coming here to take the plants.’

He said last year around 7 lakh medicinal plants were taken by the people from the nurseries.

‘Therefore, to rapidly cultivate these plants, we have inaugurated the first greenhouse today and slowly we will install this in 14 nurseries. These medicinal plants are very beneficial as they work as immunity boosters, if it is at our homes, and is a part of our daily lives, then the people will benefit from it.

That is why we have developed a greenhouse so that we can produce maximum quantity of medicinal plants, in minimal time,’ he said.

Mr Rai said the government is working against pollution in Delhi and ‘since 5th June we have started a free distribution program of medicinal plants from the 14 Nurseries of the Delhi Government’.

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