Gajapati Collector Anupam Shah Transferred

-A Man whose vision, service attitude and dutifulness stands in the heart of public

Paralakhemundi : Gajapati Collector Anupam Shah. As the name is, so is the work. Very humble, polite, friendly, thoughtful, polite, fair, sweet speaking, hard working and dutiful personality. Not only is he known for his virtue, he is known for his vision and service attitude.

Considering service work as an opportunity, to bring smile on the face of the helpless and to lead the development work with humanity is his main aim. Taking timely steps towards the solution of the problems of the people won’t be exaggerated by Collector Anupam Shah’s timely part of the timeline.

Collector is not a special person, he is an organization. One of his characteristics and characteristics is to face any situation very efficiently and correctly solve it. The step taken towards timely help and cooperation by fully understanding people’s need and difficulties was highly appreciated. By being fully aware of the problems of the people, he is now the best handed over in the full partnership of the people to perform various developmental work towards the overall development and development of the district.

He is well known and known as everyone’s favorite and popular collector for his workmanship and skills. A young Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer is Anupam Shah of Kesinga soil in Kalahandi district of Odisha. After he joined the district, a Titli-like sea storm proposal had destroyed the entire district. Especially in the panchayats of Gangabad, Kerandi, Kaimpur of Rayagarh Block, disaster happened.

So, such a young Indian Administrative Service Officer, even though it was difficult, took success in handling all his minds in a concentrated manner and took steps to help the needy. Then it was said that Titli has pushed the district back 40 years like the disaster that has caused. But with the efforts of a collector like this, he rebuilt all the disasters whether it is road or place.

After this, for the development of education, by teaching the children, for the progress of education, Super-30 Adi program was done. This effort is not only given in the district, but also in the whole country, the example of Gajapati district was given. Prime Minister went to give example of education in the parliament and gave speech in the name of Gajapati district. Similarly, Niti Aayog’s Delta rank is being converted to development work in backward districts. For this, the district has also been awarded at the national level.

Similarly, the role of the collector in the development or development of Paralakhemundi municipality is very important. The most important work in Gajapati district is both the first wave of Corona and the second wave of the epidemic. His efforts and hard work to bring him to the top of success have been very helpful. Timely necessary steps,  Corona sample collection and taking vaccinated steps along with its testing acted as an indispensable part of his timeline.

The medical center was encouraging people to follow the rules of Covid guidelines by engaging the staff working at the grassroots level in the hospital to provide recovery to the infected and provide good treatment. While the Corona pandemic was spreading its wounds and threatening the lives of people, they were not allowing any fear or restlessness to create in the public.

His successful efforts to provide better health care to the Collector by setting up a Covid health care center at Kaliapatta and Betaguda Anwesha near Paralakhemundi in the district’s Mohana block has established him as a worker. While this epidemic has affected the whole world and has lost everyone’s sleep for it, due to the advanced steps and inclusion of the state government in this direction, it has been very helpful in controlling Covid in the entire Gajapati district.

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