Fought daredevil for Corona & recovered

Paralakhemundi : Pradip Patnaik an ex-employee of postal department, suffered from corona positive, despite taken covaxin vaccine 2 doses.

He admitted at a private hospital near NALCO junction Bhubaneswar, but could not get any progress.

He was bewildered for count down days.Even less supported from medical staff.His son contacted with BMC & later on he shifted to ICU in KIMS hospital.

He stayed for 4 days.There he got good treatment.After cure still he was under oxygen support for 12 days. Later on he recovered.

He accorded good gestures to those nurses whose profound services could cure him. Despite taken 2 vaccine doses & doing regular yoga & pranayam he never felt to face such huddle of corona positive.

He said, “I am indebted to my family & friends & too services of KIMS staff, by whom I got new life”.

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