Employed father passed away due to Corona Mother and two daughters in sad and helpless

Paralakhemundi : A tragic incident has been seen in the midst of Corona. Employed father went to the other side due to Corona. Two daughters and wife became orphans.

No income for these guys to run the house. Mother and two daughters are spending their days in a lot of pain and hunger.

The administration has requested these 3 family members to extend a helping hand to them. This incident happened under Mohana block of Gajapati district, Suraj Palai of Harijan alley of Mohana Panchayat was treated from Kaliapeta Covid Medical after being infected with Corona on 12th of last month.

Then he was being admitted to Tata Covid hospital Berhampur and being treated due to severe injury. Hayley died last July 11 The family and friends died in grief after hearing the news of his death, the shadow of mourning was played in Mohana city.

He has two daughters. The elder girl is 9 years old while the elder girl was 6 Two daughters Mohana Saraswati studying in Sishu Vidya Mandir.

Suraj was fostering the family by making a bike garage. After Suraj, the head of the house and the family, who is the one who earns money, passed away in Corona, two daughters and a wife have become helpless and sad.

These 3 members are living in a very sad situation right now. The wife is saddened on how to make two children human. It has become difficult for Suraj’s wife to run a family.

The family has requested the administration to provide government assistance.

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