ECoR cancels 11 pairs of special trains due to weekend shut down in Odisha

Bhubaneswar : The East Coast Railway(ECoR) has decided to cancel eleven pairs of Special train services with the enforcement of weekend shut down by the Odisha government.

ECoR sources said due to Shut Down enforcement in Odisha and to break the chain of Covid19 infection, it has been decided to cancel 11 pairs of Special Train Services that will be cancelled on Saturdays and Sundays from May 8 to May 16.

The special trains cancelled are 08456/08455 Bhubaneswar-Kendujhargarh-Bhubaneswar Special, 08428/08427 Puri-Angul-Puri Special, 08412/08411 Bhubaneswar-Bhadrak-Bhubaneswar Special, 08432/08431 Puri-Cuttack-Puri Special, 08438/08437 Cuttack-Bhadrak-Cuttack Special, 08461/08462 Cuttack-Paradeep-Cuttack Special, 08454/08453 Cuttack-Bhadrak-Cuttack Special, 08528/08527 Visakhapatnam-Raipur-Visakhapatnam Special, 08433/08434 Bhubaneswar-Palasa-Bhubaneswar Special, 08301/08302 Rayagada-Sambalpur-Rayagada Special from both the directions.

Similarly, 02892/02891 Bhubaneswar-Bangiripoi-Bhubaneswar Special from Bhubaneswar will be cancelled on May 8,9,15 & 16 from Bangiriposi and on May 9,10,11 and 17.

ECoR sources said due to poor patronization in four Special trains originating from its jurisdiction and keeping in view the surge of Covid19 infection, the services of four special trains have been cancelled.

They included 08445/08446 Bhuubaneswar-Jagdalpur-Bhubaneswar Special from Bhubaneswar from May 8 to 22nd May and from Jagadalpur from May 9 to May 23 next, 08516/08515 Visakhapatnam-Kirandul-Visakhapatnam Special from Visakhapatnam from May 7 to May 21 and from Kirandul from May 8 to May 22.

The other two trains are 02708/02707 Tirupati-Visakhapatnam-Tirupati Special from Tirupati from May 7 to May 30 and from Visakhapatnam from May 8 to May 31,02784/02783 Secunderabad-Visakhapatnam-Secunderabad Special from Secunderabad from May 8 to May 29 and from Visakhapatnam from May 9 to May 30.

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