Don’t buy on rumours, vaccines are safe: PM Modi

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday reiterated that anti-Covid-19 vaccines are safe and people should not fall prey to rumours at all and everyone should be vaccinated at the earliest.

Addressing the nation on the 78th edition of his monthly radio programme” Man Ki Baat”, Mr Modi urged the countrymen to overcome vaccine hesitancy.

Talking to the villagers in Betul in Madhya Pradesh, Mr Modi asked the villagers to get corona jabs at the earliest and said “I have taken both doses, My mother is almost a hundred years old, she has taken both vaccines too. Please do not believe any rumours relating to vaccines”.

Advising them not to care for those who are spreading false information, he said that in some cases there would be little fever or similar ailments, but it is safe. He also took word from the villagers that after completion of vaccination, they will inform him by post.

The Prime Minister also urged the people to trust science and trust scientists. Many people have taken the vaccine and let us never believe the negative words related to the vaccine.

He also mentioned the Department of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) secretary Dr Guruprasad Mohapatra who was infected with Covid-19 and despite, being admitted to the hospital, he was coordinating with many Government agencies to enhance the supply of oxygen day and night.

“He was handling many fronts remaining on the hospital bed as he was concerned for the countrymen and despite his illness, he used to join the meetings via video conferencing without caring for himself”, Mr Modi said, adding that it is really painful for us that he succumbed to this pandemic.

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