Disobedience on Covid-19 car seized at Andhra border

Paralakhemumdi : At Pathapatnam border naka gate, a car holding Covid-19 sticker, seized by duty bound RI of Police Satyakant Jena.Along with him Sarat Kumar while on patrolling a car (OD02A0001) red Enova was going towards Andhra Pradesh, where bridegroom party picked. That car cleverly whisked away from patrolling squad eyes last night. But successfully cordoned off the same car today by duty bound police squad.

This seems eclipsing all Covid-19 protocol, trivial attempts done on vehicle movement, though administration asked prior permissions on emergency cases only, but devoiding such norms this needs stringent messures. Right time rightly caught up such vehicle a great adventure which Jena scintillated to strangulate the car, lauded by district police administration.

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