DIC Staff Plundering huge turnover on illegal venture

Paralakhemundi : Gajapati DIC(District Industies Centre)with IDCO manipulating to collect lakhs of rupees on illegal venture without obtaining any industrial certificates from those consumers.

After formation of district in front of Gajapati stadium 20 acres of land registered for small scale industries. Even applications received from some influenced persons too.

DIC & IDCO staff jointly manipulated to takeover those land. Now as a result 5 out of 20 acres no such industries marked. Rather altered to offer on rent to some persons illegally.

Those who owned to take up plots for industries, they constructed houses & collecting rents at ease. Likewise they are collecting 20 to 30 thousands monthly & yearly lakhs being collected as rent.

So need of interference of district administration imminent what public feels & ransack under current redtapism by DIC & IDCO, also interrogate those staff behind such scam.

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