Delhi govt to import 21 ready-to-use oxygen plants from France, 18 oxygen tankers from Bangkok

New Delhi : Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday said the Delhi government has decided to import 21 ready-to-use oxygen plants from France and 18 oxygen tankers from Bangkok, to ensure a steady supply of oxygen in hospitals across the national capital.

Addressing a digital press conference here, Mr Kejriwal said, “We are trying our level best to increase the amount of oxygen available in Delhi. It has been noted that the oxygen allotted to us by the central government is also not reaching us in its entirety.’

‘A major issue facing us today in the supply of oxygen is the shortage in the number of tankers,’ he said.

‘Even when we find oxygen, transporting it to Delhi becomes a problem because of this shortage of tankers. The Delhi government has decided to import 18 tankers from Bangkok which will start reaching Delhi starting tomorrow. For this, we have requested the central government to lend us the air force planes,’ he said.

‘Our interaction with them has been positive so far and we have received the central government’s support on previous occasions and are hopeful of receiving their support in this as well,’ Mr Kejriwal said.

‘These 18 tankers that we receive from Thailand will aid us in the transportation of oxygen and ensure that our allotted amount reaches us. Additionally, we are importing 21 ready-to-use oxygen plants from France,’ the Delhi Chief Minister said.

These will be installed in different hospitals in Delhi ensuring a steady supply of oxygen at least in those hospitals, he said.

“Last week, I had written letters and reached out to many CMs and Industrialists in the country, asking for aid. We have received a positive response from many of them. Most of them have only placed one condition in front of us, that they wish to remain anonymous. This is an example of their nobility, to give with no ulterior aim of seeking the public’s affection,’ he said.

‘I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the people and organisations that are helping us tide over these tough times – all state governments, all individual personalities, all NGOs, all social and religious organizations who have extended a hand of support in these tough times. We are grateful. It is only with the aid that we are receiving right now that we are being able to transport tankers from Bangkok and oxygen plants from France,” the Delhi Chief Minister said.

Mr Kejriwal said the situation has seen improvement this week and the number of SOS messages received from hospitals has reduced due to the hard work and coordination between the Central and State governments who have spent many nights trying to overcome the oxygen shortage.

He thanked the Central government for allotting 5 additional oxygen tankers to Delhi and said that within the next one month, the Delhi government will be installing 44 oxygen plants in Delhi, out of which 8 plants will be installed by the Central government.

‘Today morning the Central government, which is also importing a lot of tankers for transportation purposes, has allotted 5 additional tankers to Delhi. We are thankful for their help. Within the next one month, we will be installing 44 oxygen plants in Delhi. Within this, 8 plants will be installed by the central government. We hope that they will be installed by April 30. 36 plants are being installed by the Delhi government, of which 21 are being imported from France and the remaining 15 are from within the country. They will be installed within hospitals and help us overcome oxygen shortage,” the Delhi Chief Minister said.

The current wave is extremely dangerous and contagious and the hospitals are overloaded, to combat the load, 1200 beds will be added in Delhi by May 10 and Ramlila Maidan is also being converted into an ICU bed centre, he added.

Mr Kejriwal said, “Today, I visited the Ramlila Maidan in front of GTB hospital, we are trying to convert that into an ICU bed centre with a capacity of 500 beds. The main Ramlila Maidan in front of LNJP hospital is also being converted into an ICU bed centre with a capacity of 500 beds, 200 ICU beds are being readied at Radha Soami Satsang Beas. These 1200 ICU beds will be ready by May 10, I believe they will relieve the load from the hospitals and aid the people of Delhi.’

‘We are continuously working towards increasing the health capacities of the state and ensuring help reaches the person who needs it. We are working hand in hand with everyone – the central government, state governments, industrialists, social and religious organizations, and more. I believe that by working together we will be able to defeat this second wave as well,” he said.

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