Covid care centre opens for Jagannath temple servitors

Puri: The district administration has reopened the special Covid care centre at Nilachal Bhakta niwas for servitors and officials of Sri Jagannath temple.
Two doctors and staff have been posted to render their services. The precaution dose is being given
to eligible servitors to protect them from coronavirus infection.The servitors are being provided face masks and sanitisers to ensure their good health.
Although the temple was closed for the devotees regular nitees and rituals were conducted by servitors in the absence of the devotees during the first two corona waves despite scores of servitors and temple officials were infected with the virus.
As a large number of servitors on duty got infected with the covid virus which almost threatened imminent breach in nitees and rituals of the deities. Keeping this in view the Administration has set up a health care facility for treatment of corona positive servitors. Servitor leaders Raghunath Guru and Ipsit Pratihari have demanded the administration to lower the minimum age limit for precaution dose of vaccine so that most of the servitors will be able to take the dose.

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