Covid-19 deceding at Gpt

Paralakhemundi : Second phase of corona has towards remedial measures overall due to teamwork at Gajapati district. Along with other 2 districts relaxation of lockdown by extension of 2 hours more from 1st June,be the ultimate result.Direct monitoring of Collector Anupam Saha rebuilding hope to eclipse lock down parameters at the district.

Random check, ward wise mobile clinics have nice anticipations of relieving corona jinx.As per statistical data envisaged from 12℅ to 5.03℅ reduction since last 10 days. Out of 10702 RTPCR only 532 cases found positives.

There analysis brought among 40 years below 40℅, 20℅ in between 40 to 50 years.Among those vaccinated hardly 10℅ suffered.

Last 2 days hectic paralyzed due to death of 35 & 41 years persons which administration had taken painstakingly. Despite all,fast improvement on various interventions shinning ultimate results.

May be Gajapati district has chances of total relaxation reprieving from lockdown if such improvement continued. Thanks to administration, law & order and overall medical team who have whirlwind action to make all check & balance by the captain ship of Anupam Saha, Collector Gajapati.

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