Campaign on Population Control

Paralakhemundi :On behalf of Gurandi CHC awareness campaign vehicle filled with population control message moved throughout Gosani block. Purpose to sensitize cause & effect on over population.

Socio economic status brings hazards among poverty stricken particularly landless, marginal farmers & daily wage earners. That also drown mental, physical, financial balance.

So villagers awared to keep family planning & its importance. Small family will instinct more dream with balanced income. Deforestation, natural calamities, even recent Corona proved hectic situations among family members for survival.

On this campaign MO in charge Dr. Patitapaban Barik, Dr. Anang Bhuyan, Srinivasulu, PHEO Mamata Padhi,BPM Khageswar Rao, BAM MSrinivasulu & other medical staff joined in the campaign.

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