BJP launched protest in Tripura against violence of TMC in West Bengal

Agartala : Demanding immediate stopping of post result violence on the opposition supporters in West Bengal in last two days, BJP in Tripura has launched a two days protest demonstration across the state for two days from Wednesday.

The BJP state president Dr Manik Saha said that all the 60 Mandals (constituency level party unit) have held protest hanging placards for next two days and in the evening all the party functionaries including the ministers, MLAs and other leaders of the party will light up five candles in the evening protesting the barbaric killings in West Bengal.

Dr Saha said even during Covid pandemic when people across the country were lending hands to each other for survival from the deadly attack of Coronavirus, Trinamool Congress supporters in West Bengal have been doing the reverse. With the instigation of top leaders, common supporters of Trinamool have been killing their own people just because they support BJP, which is a shame of democracy.

“Everybody from Prime Minister to a common man is urging Mamata Banerjee to restrain her workers but she didn’t pay any attention. Either the attacks and violence on BJP in Bengal is done under her instruction or she has lost control of her party workers. West Bengal is known for a place of rich culture and a tradition of humanity, today it is established that the 10 yrs rule of Trinamool Congress ruined everything,” Dr Saha said.

He said elections were held in five states but except for West Bengal not a single incident of post poll or post result violence in the country has yet been reported. In the democracy, every individual has right to vote or not to vote for a particular political party, which doesn’t mean that winning party would attack the opposition supporters of his own locality, Dr Saha alleged adding that hundreds of house of BJP workers and party offices were burnt down and several women and girls were raped besides 11 people were killed.

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