Audi car accident: Filmmaker Lankesh suspects deceased took drugs

Bengaluru : Noted Sandalwood film producer Indrajit Lankesh on Thursday suspected that people who died in the Audi car accident on August 31 could have taken drugs and demanded investigation into it.

“Some mediamen were suspecting that the deceased could have been under the influence of liquor, but looking at the deadly accident, I suspect they could have taken drugs. There should be an investigation into it,” he said here.

Lankesh has been running a campaign against taking drugs. He also had shared information with the police about the alleged drug racket operating in Sandalwood.

Further speaking, Lankesh said nobody can imagine seven people traveling in a four-seater AudiQ3 car with breakneck speed and ramming into a building, where the steering of the car fell at the rear seat.

“In a AudiQ3 car, four people can travel. Or five at the most. But seven people traveling in it and at a breakneck speed is unimaginable. The deceased including the driver could have taken drugs,” he observed.

They could have specifically taken LSD, which is one of the most dangerous drugs, after taking it, people lose consciousness for long hours, Lankesh alleged.

“The deceased could have taken LSD. After taking this drug, people lose consciousness for 24 to 40 hours. They will not be conscious of what heinous crime he is committing or driving recklessly,” he said.

As many as seven people died in the car accident. Two among the dead were family members of DMK legislator Y Prakash. One was his son Karuna Sagar and Bindu, his relative and would-be daughter-in-law.

The accident was so deadly that the car was pulverized completely and the steering broke and fell on the rear seat.