4 Villages of Gumma block aloof from Corona infections

Parlkhemundi : A diehard efforts by ICDS with grassroots h C cchealth staff successful to eradicate total Corona affect from 4 villages of Tarangada panchayat under Gumma block of Gajapati district. Led by ICDS Supervisor Suchitra Sahu anganwadi & health staff like ASHA at survival of those 4 villages eg, Tamosing, Upper Tamosing, Pangoda & Tala Pangoda villages where regular sensitization to elevate from corona like regular handwashing, social distance maintainance, precautions on severe & accute respiratory problems, minimum illness time to time.

Households & populations of Tamosing, Upper Tamosing are 53 & 225 and 42 & 201 respectively. Along with Supervisor Sahu, anganwadi workers of Pangoda Sarojini Lima,Mary Gamango of Upper Tamosing & ASHA Sanjumani Bhuyan joined in this interventions.

For simple illness those grassroots workers taken such cases for cure. Local SHG members too empowered to take care every family covering around 400 above populations.

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