10-year-old kid develops app to help advocates manage documentation

Kolkata: Technology has had a huge impact in every aspect of today’s lives. There’s an app for everything from ordering groceries to setting reminders for drinking water. Noticing how technology can provide solutions to problems, a 10-year-old boy, Kanishkar R from Vellore, realised he could probably help his father who is a lawyer, manage his workload better by creating a unique app as well. Thus was born the idea for ‘E-Attorney’, an app to assist lawyers and advocates manage their clients and work-related documents. Kanishkar, a WhiteHat Jr student, would often see his father trying to manage files and workload, which seemed to be growing day by day. He soon realised that there were probably other lawyers like his father who were facing the same issue. So when it was time for Kanishkar to choose a subject to create his coding project, as part of WhiteHat Jr curriculum, he decided to work on something that could help his father. The primary aim of ‘E-Attorney’ is to help lawyers and advocates manage their clients and other work documents. It allows users to organize their work by signing in and storing client related documents and other case information. Users can also contact clients directly using the app. Clients who have been given access to the app by their respective lawyers can also view their case documents stored on the app. Speaking about the app Kanishkar said, “Due to work, my father would often come home late at night and me and my sister would get disappointed. I would often go to his office and see his juniors and other advocates searching for documents which would often lead to delays. The advocates were often trying to manage multiple things like organizing documents, collecting evidence, talking to clients, informing them about dates etc. I wanted my father to finish his work sooner so that he could get home early from the office. That’s when I had this spark in my mind to solve his problem. To help him out I decided to use my knowledge of coding to create an app that would allow him and other advocates like him to manage his documents and keep his clients informed as well. I first created a prototype for E-Attorney which had a provision for advocates to sign in, add client details, store case information and other basic documents.” What began as a coding project, soon turned into something much bigger when Kanishkar won a contest being held at WhiteHat Jr and was awarded a scholarship to further develop the app. The scholarship prize money helped Kanishkar’s parents turn E-Attorney into a full-fledged kid-run enterprise. To help develop their child’s idea further, they registered the company as PRK Online Solutions and hired a professional tech team to refine the app further to take it from the prototype stage into an Web Application that could be used by lawyers. His father Rajini K said, “I have been using this web application for a couple of weeks now. The features are very useful. For reminding clients, we would always depend on juniors and clerks but after using this web application we can reduce this delay. This web app is useful for everyone as it reduces cost and manual errors. As a father, I am extremely proud of the work Kanishkar has done. To see your son create something that can be so useful for lawyers across the country and beyond at such a young age is extremely inspiring.” Neelakantan S, Kanishkar’s mentor from WhiteHat Jr, who helped and guided Kanishkar on the project, added, “Kanishkar is an extremely intelligent kid. The E-Attorney app is a simple but powerful tool that has the potential to make a big difference in the life of lawyers who are always extremely busy. Kanishkar put in a lot of effort to ensure that the app could be used to upload documents and contact clients directly. The beauty of the application lies in the simple yet effective design which is very easy to use. He is now focused on ensuring that he tests the product and makes sure it is glitch free. Kanishkar turned his desire to help his father into an entrepreneurial venture. He is excited about the future and the prospects it holds.” Kanishkar’s exciting entrepreneurial journey has just about begun and he has started testing the app with five lawyers to ensure everything runs smoothly. He is currently working with his tech team to clear any bugs and glitches. Since the Application will house sensitive information about legal cases, it will be enhanced with multiple security measures. K Mohan, one of the lawyers Kanishkar is testing the app with said, “I have been using this web app for a couple of days. The private chat feature between the advocate and the client is really useful. Another advantage which I found is the ability to do multiple searches. The app also allows advocates to keep track of their cases.” With the help of his father and father’s lawyer friends, Kanishkar also hopes to learn how to interact with potential customers and onboarding them on to the E-Attorney platform

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