Russian plane crash kills four: Authorities

Moscow, June 24 (Dumanimail) Four people were killed while five wounded in Russia after a military plane crashed near Ryazan city, the regional authorities said on Friday.

Citing preliminary information, the response group of the regional government said four people have died as a result of the plane crash near the Mikhailovskoye Roadway of Ryazan. Five more people are in medical facilities of Ryazan with various injuries. They are receiving the necessary medical assistance and now in stable condition, Sputnik reported.

Acting Ryazan regional governor Pavel Malkov said on Telegram that the condition of injured persons is stable, but serious.

“All services of the region worked quickly, which made it possible to rescue the survivors. Currently, Ryazan doctors are assisting five victims of the plane crash. Now their condition is stable, but serious,” he said.

He said: “special words of gratitude to the crew: the pilots were diverting till the very end the faulty aircraft away from residential areas. The aircraft managed to land in the field, making it possible to avoid the destruction of property and civilian casualties.”

Earlier, the Russian Defence Ministry said a Russian II-76 military transport plane hard landed near the city of Ryazan during a training flight over an engine failure. Upon contact with the ground, the aircraft was partially destroyed, Sputnik reported.