Bhubaneswar: A team from University of Chicago Trust, India met Chief Minister  Naveen Patnaik here on Tuesday and discussed on DPIC (Data, Policy, and Innovation  Centre) and opportunities to collaborate with the Odisha Government. Scholar Professor Michael Kremer, Executive Director Benjamin Krause and  Development Innovation Lab & Executive Director of University of Chicago Trust Dr.  Leni Chaudhary met the Chief Minister. . The meeting was attended by Secretary to CM (5T) VK Pandian and Principal Secretary  of E&ITDepartment Manoj Mishra. Funded by the Odisha Government, the DPIC will help enable rigorous, evidence-based  governance, using new advances in econometrics, data science and machine learning. Earlier today, the team  from Unive rsity of
Chicago Trust, India held  an introductory meeting  with Secretaries from He a lt h a n d Famil y Welfare Department, E & I T D e p a rt m e n t , S c h o o l a n d M a s s Education Department regarding setting up the
DPIC. The panel had a fruitful  d is c u ssi o n t owa r d s u n d e r s t a n d i n g development needs and  priorities of each Dept  with the larger backdrop  of development needs of  Odisha. T h e m e e t i n g w a s followed by discussions
w i t h i n d i v i d u a l Department to identify specific research areas in  near future.